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Hello! My surname is BLue CafeteRia, but feel free to call me Annie, I'm a mexican comic artist and Illustrator, and an animation graduate, I like to call myself a 'Lazy Goth' cause I do goth makeup, hair and outfits but I'm lazy most of the times so usually I'm in leggings and horror hoodies.

My favorites horror movies are: Gingersnaps, The last shift and The VVitch

My favorites Videogames are: Little Nightmares, Outlast whistleblower and Smashbros

My favorites stream/TV shows are: Hannibal, The haunting of hill house and Unsolved Mysteries

I love horror, witchcraft, symbolism and anatomy, so my merch rolls along this themes, I concentrate a lot on original art, but I do have a few items on fanart

It will be a pleasure to meet you, I hope everything you find here's of your liking!