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Double Experience are an Ottawa-based group who combine modern rock sounds with a geeky worldview that is all their own. By taking influence from Muse, Coheed and Cambria and Weezer, the band bounce between sounds and genres in a quest to compose music as diverse as an arcade gallery. This genre-pinballing is unified with their quirky lyrical subject matter that ranges from table-top gaming, the rise of artificial intelligence, and even beloved actor Bill Murray.

In 2020, Double Experience launched their D&D-inspired concept album Alignments, containing a song written about and in the style of each morality alignment. During the same year, the band's rrigorous international touring ethic morphed into a weekly livestream series predicated on writing songs with members of the chat, live on Twitch.

By day, mild-mannered band members Ian Nichols (vocals, bass) and Brock Tinsley (guitar) deliver band-oriented workshops and panels at conferences, conventions and festivals (IndieWeek, MAGFest, Ottawa ComicCon), teaching up-and-coming creatives how to take control of their own destiny in a similar way as the duo’s musical alter-ego. In 2016, their Destiny-themed anthem The Glimmer Shot caught the attention of the videogame’s developers, earning the band unique in-game rewards along with millions of Spotify and YouTube streams.

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