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Monty Guiraud he/them

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Monty is an illustrator, Youtuber, and streamer with a love for all things vibrant. Since 2018, he's worked as an independent artist via Patreon and regular commission work. His love for D&D, FFXIV, roleplay, and video games as a whole show as common themes in his digital pieces. His experiences with gender, physical health, and mental health also show up in his works.

He's been in several digital zines, including Smashing Hearts and Red Zone Volumes One and Two. For Ghostcon 2020, he created an original comic called Liverbite Lounge in the span of three weeks.

EGL - an alternative Japanese street fashion otherwise known as lolita fashion - is another one of Monty's big passions. He joined the community in 2013, and started making lolita fashion videos on Youtube.

Lastly, Monty is a newcomer to the world of streaming as a V-Tuber. His streams focus on artwork and video games. With the help of his viewers, he ran a charity art stream that managed to raise over $2,000 for the Transgender Law Center.