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Matcha's Art.cha she/them


I am a full-time cat rescue worker who specializes in foster care of neonatal kittens. Cats and other animals inspire me and I love sharing their optimistic whimsy with others through my art. The work I do with cats has given me many lifetimes of muses, both its ups and downs, the silly and the sad. I focus currently on digital creations, as the medium provides the most accommodations for my recent adult ADHD diagnosis, and I plan on reintroducing traditional mediums to my repertoire as I make more progress on my physical & mental health. I am a huge advocate for chronic mental & physical illnesses, knowing firsthand what it is like to struggle with both, and I hope my work will make you smile. When not working on my art or with cats, I have side hobbies of running a small beauty Youtube channel and weightlifting.