How to support Ghostcon

How to support for free!

Honestly, just show up! Tune in for the stream and chat with us, it'll be fun!

An easy and free way to help Ghostcon succeed is to promote us and share the event with your friends/family. The more, the scarier >:) We have an image gallery with banners/images you can share on your social media. Or feel free to make your own!

How to support us financially

Ghostcon is FREE to view and to join as a participant. That means that all of the convention is run out of our pockets - website/media maintenance, marketing, raffle/giveaway prizes, etc. Financial support is not expected but is highly appreciated!

Raffles & Giveaways


Ghostcon has received generous donations from its artists and vendors to be given away as prizes. We're adding more so be sure to check back for the up-to-date prize pool!

All winners have been drawn!

Comic bundle includes:

8.5"x11" art print by Elisha Capie. Frame not included.

Portrait/character commission by Cairena Art.

Enamel pin by Herboreal.

Iron-on patch and holographic stickers by Ri Zas.

Two 10"x10" Pokemon art prints by Catawampus Press.

Organic tote bag by Cinnaghost.

8"x10" art print by Maegan Cook.

Flat-color headshot commission by Aruudlay.