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Pretty Witch Soaps she/her


Pretty Witch Soaps specializes in literature, pop culture, fashion, and modern witch aesthetic bath and body products. Whether you're an anime nerd, a book nerd, an alternative fashion enthusiast, or just a #basicwitch trying to beautify your life, you're welcome in our soap family! Most of our products are vegan, and all are certified fair trade, cruelty free, and sustainable. I am a small artist working entirely out of my own home. Each soap is made with care in my apartment kitchen!

You HAVE to buy soap anyway. Why not buy soap that reminds you of something you love?

I've always been inspired by people who create functional items. People who craft clothing, soap, bath bombs, resin, make furniture or jewelry... there's something special about art you can hold and turn over in your hands. Soap is something everyone needs. You buy it all the time. Almost everyone does, and its often on display too- in your kitchen, your bathroom, or your shower. For that reason, I think soap is one of the most interesting functional items you can craft in your own home. We decorate our homes and our bodies with so many things that bring us joy, so why not make some of your essential items reflect part of yourself? I promise if you give handmade bar soaps a try, you won't be disappointed!