About Ghostcon

Ghostcon started last year as the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled almost every in-person convention. Many virtual conventions were starting to try and support the vendors who would have participated in live events. A lot of artists were out of opportunities to sell their work in an already uncertain and anxious time.

Ghostcon was created to promote struggling artists and engage our community in a fun Halloween online party. This year, we're expanding from artists and musicians to include gaming/live games and promote streamers. We're adding charity streaming and opportunities in our Scaring is Caring charity event.


Spectator FAQ

What is there to do when Ghostcon starts?

Ghostcon is primarily a weekend-long livestream. It's hosted on our main Twitch page and will host our various livestreamers according to the schedule. It's a great way to interact with artists/streamers you've never met before. In addition to tuning in to the livestreaming to watch content, we also host games that are free to join, interactive drawing sessions, movies, raffles/giveaways, and videos that our artists recorded just for Ghostcon.

Up until and during the main event, we also promote our participants via social media to help promote them. Friendly interaction is encouraged and appreciated!

All year long, Ghostcon will promote your charity stream if you tag us to help you network for your cause. (Please note this is up to our discretion and we can't get to every single one, but we do our best!)

How do the giveaways and raffles work?

At various points during Halloween weekend, we'll be announcing winners of our giveaways and raffles. Participating vendors may also host their own raffles and giveaways during the event on their own livestream. To enter a raffle, head to our "how to support" page.

Participating Artist/Streamer FAQ

How do I participate in Ghostcon as an artist, vendor, musician, or game streamer?

Applications are now closed, but we look forward to seeing you as a viewer!

What is expected of me as a participant?

Participants will be asked to either livestream during a scheduled time or record a video ahead of time of exclusive content (or both). Exclusive content means something you created to be shown at Ghostcon. Some examples: Halloween-themed speed drawing, tutorial for your craft, music cover, animated short, slideshow of your work, etc.

How do I stream for Ghostcon?

If you're joining as a livestreamer, you are welcome to stream all weekend long or however you'd like. You will be livestreaming on your own Twitch.tv account. Everyone will be able to reserve time slots of 30 minutes - 1 hour (depending on how many time slots are available, there may be more/longer spaces to reserve). These time slots will be how we build the schedule of events. During your time, Ghostcon will host your livestream, sort of like you're featured on the main stage for that time.

Scaring is Caring FAQ

What is Scaring is Caring?

We're hosting charity streams this year, which means we'll be collecting donations all throughout Ghostcon on behalf of a few causes! Every participant is welcome to join and more details can be found here.

I made a donation. Is that going to you or to the charity?

If you made a donation through the support page that led you to a PayPal donation link, those funds are going toward Ghostcon itself to help run the convention. Any profits we make from selling merch or raffle tickets go toward the costs of running the event.

The charity links will be obvious and posted during or shortly before the event.

More FAQ to come!